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Insurance Claims

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The team at Platinum Associates are your one stop Legal advisors for Insurance claims    

Have you lodged a claim on a policy of insurance and the insurance company refused to pay?

Sometimes insurance companies try to wriggle out of paying claims using small print in policies that may not be legal.

The claim may have been, for instance, for property damage, damage to your car or boat, a claim for theft or income protection or for all manner of reasons.

It may have been a claim for loss of business income, rent default or even a claim for death benefits under a policy involving a relative.

Insurance policies are quite complex and can be often difficult to interpret by the layman.

Platinum Associates are experienced at bringing cases against insurance companies to ensure that they meet their obligations under insurance policies and you are not left with unexpected bills which should have been covered under your insurance policies.

Call Platinum Associates today to arrange your private consultation to discuss your insurance claims.  

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